Great idea

Do you need anything special, because you have still the same present and you would like to be little bit original? We know that it is not easy to find the right present, but trust us that when you will buy him voucher in our salon, you will not bemoan and he will be happy. Our salon is really special and our services are not much famous, but customers like our service more and more.

What can we offer you? There are special relaxation procedures for you that you can try alone or with your partner or friend. You can choose your masseuse, who will take care about you during procedure. Then she will take you into your room, where is also bath. You can start you procedure by aromatic bath or shower and after then will start your own procedure. What can you choose?

§ TOP sensual procedure
§ Classic procedure
§ Nuru massage
§ Penis or prostate massage
§ … and lots of other types

You will not bemoan

We are sure that you will be satisfied, because our services are with all love and our girls are really professional experts, who know what to do. Don´t wait long time and try for example nuru, because it is the best choice. You can feel your masseuse on your body, because this type is body to body. She will touch you by her hands, fingers, bosom and other parts of her body.

Special moments not only for men

There is important only relaxation and quiet, because it is way to your satisfaction. You can absorb energy that will come from your masseuse. It is not myth that other people can give you their energy. If you want, you can have also two masseuses during your procedure, it can be more intensive, if you will feel touches from two girls. It doesn´t matter if it will be nuru procedure or if you would like to try tantric ritual, because we can offer you more services than you think.